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  • LBP 330,000 - LBP 720,000

Portable Scan

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Price LBP 370,000

Capture your handwritten notes without a computerCapture your drawings without a computerAutomatically send your notes and drawings to your PCNo need for batteries thanks to the built-in battery, rechargeable via a USB portCompatible with any paperStorage capacity up to 100 A4 pages of notes in the memoryBluetooth® connectionSend notes to your smartphone,...

Price LBP 720,000

Smart task Button manager: simply press a button to convert files in any format or even to audio format ! Scan up to 118" long (3M) documents such as receipts or technical plans thanks to "the long page mode" Ultrasonic sensor: paper jams or double grabbing of your documents: those will never be torn again! AC powered and USB 3...