M2 Multimedia Megastore S.A.L proudly announces the teaming with BLU Points network to give loyalty points to its customers all over the Lebanese region starting 2017.

BLU points is a universal loyalty program that allows members to earn and redeem points instantly, anytime and anywhere within the BLU Points network and on the BLU Points online catalog, as well as on M2Loyalty.com and M2 Loyalty application.

The BLU Points network includes a wide range of BLU Partners, such as banks, supermarkets, gas stations, electronic stores, travel agencies, and so on, across multiple countries. M2 is a member of this network where members can collect points from and redeem points at. 

Every time a member purchases from M2 stores, M2.com.lb, or a partner that is part of the BLU Points network, whether at home or abroad, he or she earns points on that purchase. If the member happened to carry a credit card for a BLU participating bank, he or she can double the points.

Redemption takes place within the BLU Points partners' stores, on partners’ online catalogs or directly through the BLU Points website or mobile application.

BLU Points is the flagship loyalty program of BLU Loyalty, which offers bespoke loyalty solutions from a plug-and-play program networks to fully customized ones to meet every business' unique needs. The loyalty solutions provided are end-to-end and ready-to-go. They include customer engagement tools, so companies can connect more effectively with their customers while they continue focusing on their core business.

How To Join?

Head to any M2 branch or buy online from www.m2.com.lb, and you will be enrolled with the Loyalty system.
At the branch, ask for your free loyalty card and within less than 2 minutes you will be granted one that can be used any time with no expiry date.


Check The Catalogue And Earn Points

To check the latest news and catalogue, go to www.m2loyalty.com or just download “M2 Loyalty” App from Apple Store or Google Play.

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